Vox Pop: What do you think about separating Paper Contemporary from the rest of the fair?

Toby Chapman

‘One of the bonuses of separating Paper Contemporary from other parts of the fair is that it provides new collectors an entry point into works that are probably going to be more affordable and perhaps less intimidating in terms of making one of their first purchases.’

Hong Tong

‘I think the separation is good. People can be in one section and see all different printmaking. I think printmaking needs someone telling how you can do it and what is different so you can get to know different studios and different ideas.’

Karen Ball

‘I think it’s good and bad. I think it actually increases the profile of works on paper, which is an important thing, but then again to separate them can cause people to think that there is something less to be admired about works on paper. So it goes both ways.’

Graham Bell

‘Not everybody wants them mixed together. I personally don’t want them mixed together. I think a separate section for works of art on paper is ideal for this exhibition.’

Peter Lancaster


Melinda Schawel

‘I would strongly disagree with that. I’m a paper artist as well and I believe that if we’re going to break down the hierarchy of media, and because there’s so much interdisciplinary work going on, we need to break that barrier as well. And the galleries need to go along with that, not just the artists and the buyers. So if we actually present works on paper in the context of other media, I think that would help.’