Postcards: Greetings from Impact9, China

Greetings from Hangzhou, China! We are astounded by the generosity of the China Academy of Art in their presentation of the Impact9 international printmaking conference. They have curated so many exhibitions, including the inaugural CAA Hangzhou Print Biennale, and have helped everyone with framing and installation of the works in an incredibly kind and professional way. I carried 28 A3 sized works and 20 A5 booklets with me on the plane, and when I arrived at the gallery found beautiful white frames and little wooden shelves waiting for me. I helped get the works into the frames, laid them onto the floor in the configuration that was needed, and my helpers then said ‘you can go now and our framing master will hang for you’. Back the next day, everything was up! The whole exhibition over multiple venues came together with an enormous effort from the staff and students. We are now attending the academic papers and hearing some wonderful ideas from people from China and Hong Kong, the US, Canada, Denmark, Croatia, New Zealand, the UK and of course our Australian contingent. We are overwhelmed by the scale and the friendliness and the food!

Marian Crawford

Chen Qi’s amazing woodblock: water-based printing on a massive scale!
bottom left to right
Marian Crawford’s, Ocean/Banaba Picturing the Island, installation view next to Kiki Smith’s work and artist’s book.
Calligraphy classroom.