Australian Print Workshop: Print Fair

Clockwise from above:
Lisa Roet, The mark of no human hand I, etching: hard ground printed from 1 plate. Image size: 120cm × 90cm, paper size: 136cm × 101.5cm. Drawn on the plate by the artist and printed by APW Senior Printer Martin King at Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne, 2011.
Rick Amor, Lost Time, stone lithograph: printed from 1 stone. Image size: 51.5cm × 64cm, paper size: 56cm × 76cm. Drawn on the stone by the artist and printed in an edition of 15 (plus proofs) by APW Printers Martin King and Chris Ingham at Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne, 2014.
Laith McGregor, ‘ROOTDOWN’, photo-lithograph: printed from one plate. Image size: 38cm × 27.5cm, paper size: 56cm × 38cm. Image created by the artist and printed in an edition of 20 (plus proofs) by APW Printers Martin King and Chris Ingham at Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne, 2013.

The Australian Print Workshop Print Fair is being held this weekend, 18-19 November. APW Director Anne Virgo OAM discusses ways in which the fair will celebrate fine art printmaking.



Q: What is the history of the APW Print Fair and what are its broad aims?

AV: All of Australian Print Workshop’s (APW) activities – supporting artists, education programs and special projects – reflect in part a commitment to finding new ways to engage with the public and broaden interest in and knowledge about printmaking. The 2017 APW Print Fair is the second fair APW has held in recent years, designed to attract new and existing audiences.

In 2014 APW presented the inaugural APW Print Fair which provided opportunities for 14 individual artist/printmakers to display, discuss and sell their work. Artist-run stands were set up throughout the APW’s Open Access Studio, and visitors were able to go ‘behind the scenes’ in our world-class facilities, see print demonstrations, and experience a pop-up exhibition at APW Gallery.

In 2017, printers are the focus of the APW Print Fair, providing a rare opportunity for the public to engage with representatives from leading fine art printers from Melbourne, interstate and overseas. Visitors can wander through the APW Print Studio, see printing demonstrations and visit the Print Fair stands to view (and hopefully buy) original fine art prints.

The APW Print Fair is, at its heart, about promoting an understanding and appreciation of fine art original limited edition printmaking. We hope to educate the public to understand and appreciate the difference between original fine art limited edition prints and signed reproductions.

Q: Who are some of the participants in the fair?

AV: Representatives from Albicocco Printing Workshop (Italy), Cicada Press (Sydney), Negative Press (Melbourne), Sunshine Editions (Melbourne) and, of course, Australian Print Workshop will all have Print Fair stands.

Q: What else will visitors experience while attending?

AV: In addition to seeing contemporary original limited edition fine art prints created by these print workshops, visitors will be able to learn about the printers’ approach to working with artists, see linocut and etching print demonstrations, and view works in APW Gallery by contemporary Australian Artists made in collaboration with APW printers. There will be hundreds of works for sale and the opportunity to buy affordable original fine art prints.

 Q: How does the fair reflect the ethos of APW?

AV: APW is committed to promoting printmaking as a progressive contemporary art form. We are fortunate in Australia to have many skilled printers working with great artists to make great prints, and we are excited to play a role in promoting their work.

Q: Does the fair have an educative role about the world of print for the more general, non-artist visitor?

AV: The APW Print Fair will feature educative displays with the tools and equipment used in lithography, etching and relief printing, and print demonstrations will be happening throughout the weekend. Everyone is welcome to attend the APW Print Fair, whether they have limited or advanced knowledge of printmaking, there will be something to learn for everyone.

APW Print Fair is at  Australian Print Workshop, 210 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy,

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November, 10am-5pm each day. Free Entry.