PCA Member Q&A: Clinton Barker

Caterpillar Morning, 2015, 58 x 56 cm, screenprint. This print was selected for the 2015 PCA Print Commission.

‘My initial interest in printmaking came through my Grandmother who had a screenprinting studio setup at home.’ 

Clinton Barker lives in Queensland

Why do you make art?

I make art primarily because it makes me feel good, the creative process allows me to drop all my thoughts for a while and just focus on the moment … it becomes an active meditation.

What’s your relationship to printmaking?

I have a commercial/textile screenprinting background and have incorporated those skills into my career as an edition printer for other artists as well as for the production of my own artwork.

How did you get interested in printmaking?

My initial interest came through my Grandmother who had a screenprinting studio setup at home. Later on I had a desire to be involved with indigenous art, so I approached Basil Hall and have been involved in a number of projects with BHE since then.

Who is your favourite artist?

David Larwill is high up on my list of favourite artists, his work has been influential in the progress and development of my own practice.

What is your favourite artwork?

Epiphany by Ian Fairweather. Standing in front of that large artwork at the Queensland Art Gallery changed my life forever … it made me want to become an artist.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere and in all sorts of situations but going to the beach seems to recharge my creative batteries the best.

What are you working on now?  

I am working towards a solo exhibition (Momentum) to be held at the Logan Art Gallery in December this year and another Solo exhibition (Simultaneous) that will be held at the Stanthorpe Region Art Gallery in April 2016. There is also a large private painting commission on the go.